After about two years of testing and researching the benefits of micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables, we decided to batch process cold pressed juices that not only are all natural, but refreshing, drinkable and healthfully beneficial to the body…a “Goal Oriented Juice”.

Our juices are healthy way to be good to yourself and detox and help you to refuel with the highest quality nutrients to improve your digestion, amp up your energy, improve your health, think clear and sleep better and even help you to zip up your skinny jeans with losing the bloat!

We believe that if nature has already done the hard work of creating nutritious fruits and veggies, we can extend natures arm to you by bottling up fresh fruits and veggies and you can continue being kind to your body…so why not enjoy the delicious, tasty and healthful benefits of our HIMALAYA Food and Beverage, all natural fresh cold-pressed juices free of artificial flavors or preservatives!

After sifting through decades of scientific peer-reviewed research about the benefits of fruits and veggies, it is not a secret from epidemiological and clinical research studies that fruits and veggies provide health benefits! Fruits and veggies are universally regarded as healthy because of their high energy and nutrient content! It is widely known and accepted that there is an association between fruit and veggie consumption and the prevention of diseases. As the wealth of information about the science and the healthful benefits of consuming fruits and veggies is exploding, we are learning more about the phytonutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals found in fruits and veggies along with their health-promoting properties, and their role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

With an unlimited supply of fresh fruits and veggies how can we place these phytonutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals found in fruits and veggies at your finger-tips to nourish your body? We are infusing our knowledge and experience as scientists to add creativity and innovation to your daily fruit and veggie intake routine. We have time-tested recipes that are a product of diligent research and testing which have resulted in both delicious, tasty and healthy fresh fruit and veggie cold-pressed juices! Our high-quality products are made as much of fresh thinking as they are of fresh ingredients with your health in mind!

Every sip of our all natural fresh cold-pressed juices consists of well calculated and tested recipes that are well-balanced to infuse your body with phytonutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, vitality and life that you can enjoy anywhere, at any time! Drink our all natural fresh cold-pressed fruit and veggie juices to be kind to your body and healthy. Be healthy and stand tall like HIMALAYA!